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What you need to know now.

When a life event evolves into a possible legal matter, it’s natural to feel uncertain about whether representation is the right decision, and which law firm would be the right fit for you. To help you decide if you should stop or go - and pick your best route - check out the answers to these five common questions. 

Often, your gut will tell you when you need legal experts on your side. When you feel a person or institution intends to harm your personal interests and freedoms, your legally protected rights, and/or your financial standing, listen to your instincts. Then, resist the urge to go it alone. The law is complicated, intricate, and full of seemingly endless subtleties. For the most gain and the least pain, you’ll benefit from a lawyer’s detailed expertise and experience.

During your initial consultation, you’ll have the understanding ear of one of our legal experts. We’ll listen to the facts of your situation, honestly assess the merits of your claim, and offer straight talk about your chances for success. Based on this information exchange, we’ll also let you know the likely financial commitment to become a client – and we’ll come right out and say if the benefit of pursuing your claim and hiring MJA LAW to represent you is the best use of your dollar. Then, based on the insight you gain, it’s up to you how to proceed. 

Please also know it’s critical to understand that until MJA LAW determines taking you on as a client presents no conflict of interest, and until an engagement agreement is reached, we cannot, under the law, provide official legal advice or offer attorney-client privilege. What we can provide is the information to make a smart decision about your next move, always delivered with sensitivity and no personal judgment.

Of course you want to know if legal representation is something you can afford. And spending money on a lawyer isn’t the most fun use of your funds. But when facing legal issues, it’s typically less expensive to pay for an attorney than to deal with the burdens and consequences of being without a legal expert and skilled negotiator on your side.

Whether working with MJA LAW or a different firm, most often there is no standard fee that applies to clients across the board. Based on the complexity of your case, you might be charged an hourly fee, or we might offer a flat fee. There may be additional operating costs that are incurred while working on your case. But you can rest assured that our legal fees are in line with other firms, we are diligent about ensuring you get the most from your investment, and we strive to resolve your conflict with exceptional efficiency to minimize your expenses.

It’s unlikely, but not unheard of. In the United States, the law requires each party to pay their own legal fees, unless there is a statute or contractual agreement specifying the losing party is responsible for payment. Given that, we’ll have an honest discussion with you about whether your case merits representation and makes financial sense for you to move forward with legal action. 

You might have a picture in your mind about lawyers and law firms. For instance, big shiny buildings, stuffy formalities, self-centered personalities, and fancy legal language that leaves you lost. That’s not at all what you’ll find at MJA LAW. MJA LAW is about you: respecting you, serving you, and supporting you. 

We’re down-to-earth and get down in the trenches. We’re approachable, honest, and casual straight talkers. We want you to feel comfortable – never intimidated. Most importantly, we get to know you – the real person – behind the legal issue, and practice law with an approach that’s tailored to your real-life goals. 

Sometimes life can feel like a business. And have no doubt that we’re all business when it comes to the law and protecting your interests. But we do so more like that family-owned corner store, where you walk in and you’re recognized, you have a friendly chat, and even share a few laughs. Contact us and see what we’re like for yourself, and how we go about helping you succeed in the business of life. 

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